Weather Band WB

To listen to the Weather Band push the WB button. To cancel the Weather Band push another band button. (AM, FM 1 or FM 2 button.) To select channels 1 6 push the desired preset button. To select channel 7 push the TUNE DISC lever up or down until channel 7 is (The TUNE DISC lever may be used to select any of the 7 channels. The lever must be used to select channel 7.)

Replacing the Battery

When the remote transmitter's battery begins to get weak, it may take several pushes on the button to lock or unlock the compartments, and the LED will get dim. Replace the battery as soon as possible. 1. Use a coin to turn the round cover on the back of the transmitter counterclockwise. 2. Remove the old battery and note the polarity. Make sure the polarity of the new battery is the same (+ side facing up), then insert it in the transmitter. 3. Align the V mark on the cover with the mark on...

Auto Volume Control AVC

To automatically increase volume as the speed of the motorcycle increases. Push the VOLUME knob once, and ''AUTO VOL SPK'' will appear on the display. Then, within five seconds, change the AVC setting. When audio system output is Headset, the display will indicate ''AUTO VOL HS''. AUTO VOL SPK has four settings - HI (high), MID (middle), LO (low), and OFF. AUTO VOL HS has three settings - HI (high), LO (low), and OFF.

Intercom Muting

The intercom mute system automatically lowers does not silence the music program volume when you speak through the intercom. The sensitivity of the intercom microphone to your voice or ambient sound sets the level at which the intercom system mutes the music program volume. To adjust this system - push the VOLUME knob two times. ''INTERCOM MUTE'' will display. To increase microphone - turn the VOLUME knob clockwise. To decrease microphone - turn the VOLUME knob counterclockwise. sensitivity...

If Your Battery Is Low or Dead

Jump starting is not recommended, especially if you use an automobile battery. The greater amperage of an automobile battery when the car engine is running can damage your motorcycle's electrical system. Bump starting is also not recommended. If you can't charge the battery or it appears unable to hold a charge, contact your Honda dealer. This section contains dimensions, capacities, and other technical data, plus information on government requirements and how to break-in your motorcycle....