Fan Motor Switch

Remove the middle fairing (page 2-4).

Disconnect the fan motor switch connector and short it.

Turn the ignition switch ON.

The fan motor should turn and battery voltage should be measured.

If the battery voltage is measured, but the fan motor does not turn, replace the fan motor.

If the fan motor does not turn and battery voltage does not register, check that battery voltage is measured between Black/Blue and Green terminal at the wire harness side on the 2P black connector.

If there is no battery voltage, check for a blown fuse, loose connector, or an open circuit in the wire. If there is voltage, inspect the fan motor switch as follows: Remove the switch.

Connect one lead of an ohmmeter to the connector of the fan motor switch and the other to the body. Suspend the fan motor switch in a pan of coolant (50-50 mixture) over an electric heating element and check the temperatures at which the switch opens and closes.

A warming

Wear insulated gloves and adequate eye protection.

Make sure that there is no continuity at room temperature and then gradually raise the coolant temperature. The switch should show continuity (closed) at 93°-97"C (199-207°F). NOTE

Keep the temperature constant for 3 minutes to confirm continuity.

A sudden change of temperature will cause error temperature reading between the thermometer and switch.

Do not let the switch or thermometer touch the pan as it will give a false reading.

Immerse the switch in coolant up to its threads.

If the fan motor switch is good, check the Black/Blue,

Black or Green wires for open circuit.

If there are no open circuit wires, replace the fan motor.



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