Remove the battery cell caps. Fill the cells with distilled water to the upper level line, if necessary.

Connect the charger positive (+) cable to the battery positive Hd terminal.

Connect the charger negative (-) cable to the battery negative CO terminal

Charging current: 1.6 amperes max.

Charge the battery until specific gravity is 1.270 -1.290 at

Before charging a battery, remove the cap from each ceil. Keep flames and sparks away from a charging battery, Turn power ON/OFF at the charger, not at the battery terminals, to prevent sparks.

Discontinue charging if the electrolyte temperature exceeds


' Quick-charging should only he done in an emergencv; slow-

charging is preferred. - Route the breather tube as shown on the battery caution label.

After installing the battery, coat the terminals with clean grease.


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