Gearshift Linkage Removal

Remove the right crankcase cover (page 7-14). Remove the clutch assembly from the clutch outer. Remove the oil pipe.

Remove the oil pump driven sprocket bolt.

Remove the stopper arm, washer and return spring by removing bolt.

Remove die shift drum center and dowel pin.

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Remove the cam plate boit.

Remove the cam pîaîë, using th© scrsw driver 3S shown.

To remove the gearshift spindle A, remove the following: •— left crankcase cover (page 8-2) ■ flywheel {page 8-4) shift spindle guide plug.

Remove the gearshift spindle with the starter driven gear.


* When installing the gearshift spindle guide plug, use a new O-ring and coat it with oil.


Check the gearshift spindle for wear or damage. Replace if necessary,

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