Starter motor wilt not turn

* Battery discharged - Faulty Ignition switch

* Faulty starter switch

* Faulty neutral switch

* Faulty starter relay switch

* Loose or disconnected wire or cable

* Clutch diode open After '93:

* Faulty engine stop switch

Starter motor turns engine slowly

* La vv battery specific rjravity

* Excessive resistance in circuit

* Binding <n starter motor

After '88:

The starter motor can turn when the transmission is in the neutral position, or, when the side stand up, the clutch lever * pulieo m, and the transmission is in gear.

Starter motor turns, but engine does not turn

* Faulty starter clutch

• Faulty starter motor gears

• Faulty starter motor or idle gear

Starter motor runs and engine turns, but engine does not start

" Faulty ignition system

* Engine problems

Low compression

Fouled spark plugs

Measure the Voltage between the Green/White (+ i and Green {-) terminals of the side stand | connector {wire harness side}, I There should be battery voltage.


Check the clutch switch (page 19-6).

NO VOLTAGE i or too little voltage)

Check the side stand switch (page 1

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