Battery Charging

Remove the battery (page 16-4).

Turn the power ON/OFF at the charger, not at the battery terminals


• Make sure the area around the charger is well ventilated, clear of flammable materials, and free from heat, humidity, water and dust.

• Clean the battery terminals and position the battery as far away from the charger as the leads will permit.

• Do not place batteries below the charger - gases from the battery may corrode and damage the charger.

• Do not place batteries on top of the charger. Be sure the air vents are not blocked.

1. Turn the "POWER" switch to "OFF".

2. Set the "BATTERY AMP. HR. SELECTOR SWITCH" for the size of the battery being charged.


Christie battery charger


16.5 to 30

16.5 to 30

Set the appropriate amp. hour rating.

3. Set the "TIMER" to the position indicated by the Honda Battery Tester; RED-3, RED-2 or YELLOW 1. If you are charging a new battery, set the switch to the NEW BATT position.

4. Attach the clamps to the battery terminals: red to positive, black to negative.

Connecting the cables with the POWER switch turned to "ON" can produce a spark which could ignite or explode the battery

Connect the battery cables only when the switch is turned to "OFF".



? -3


\ n I



TIMER Trickle

5. Turn the "POWER" switch to "ON".

The charger will 6. When the timer reaches the "Trickle" position, the automatically charging cycle is complete. Turn the "POWER"

switch to the switch to "OFF" and disconnect the clamps.

"Trickle" mode 7. Let the battery cool for at least 10 minutes or until after the set charg- gassing subsides after charging.

ing time has 8. Retest the battery using the Honda battery tester elapsed. and recharge if necessary using the above steps.

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DIY Battery Repair

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