Electrical system

DCedfic r8 n8' ,ChCCk battcrV condition by testing the cSS Kfl ,hc e,cclro,vic ,n each ccM- 0RU 1,1 ,e f u,d the cell with a hydrometer. Thk iCh f lhC e,eclro,Vtc on the floating scale. His is the specific gravity of the electrolyte oThe specific gravity of the electrolyte varies changes in temperature, so the specific gravity read must be corrected for the temperature of the elec lyte. cCelsius Add 0.007 points to reading for each ynV above 20 C or subtract 0.007 points for each w0r below 20...

Steering Exploded View

T1 19 N m (1.9 kg m, 13.5 ft lb) VS 39 N m (4.0 kg m, 29 ft lb) Steering Stem Nut Wrench 57001-1100 Head Pipe Outer Race Press Shaft 57001-1075 Head Pipe Outer Race Driver 57001-1106 Head Pipe Outer Race Driver 57001-1076 Steering Stem Bearing Driver Adapter 57001-1074 Head PiPe 0u r Race Romover 57001-1107

Kawasaki Gtr 1000 Carburetor

Air Breather Hose Route the hoses between tt and 3 carburetors. 4. To the clutch slave cylinder. 4. Fuel Tank Over Flow Vent Hoso 5. Fuel Gauge Over Flow Drain Ho o Evaporative Emission Control System Hose 18. Neutral Switch Oil Pressure Switch 25. Rear Left Turn Signal Lights 26. Rear Right Turn Signal Lights 36. Starter Motor Alternator Load viewed from front ZG1000-A1 - ZG1000-A8 10. City Light Lead Other than US and Exploded View Specifications Special Tools Throttle Grip and Cable