Fuel level check

15 Lightly clamp the carburettor assembly in the jaws of a vice. Make sure the vice jaws are lined with wood. Set the fuel tank next to the vice, but at an elevation that is higher than the carburettors (resting on a box, for example). Connect a hose from the fuel tap to the fuel inlet fitting on the carburettor assembly -make sure the fuel tap is in the ON or RES position.

16 Attach Kawasaki service tool no. 57001-1017 to the drain fitting on the bottom of one of the carburettor float chambers (all four will be checked) (see illustration). This is a clear plastic tube graduated in millimetres. An alternative is to use a length of clear plastic tubing and an accurate ruler. Hold the graduated tube (or the free end of the clear plastic tube) against the carburettor body, as

9.12 Install the top cover, making sure the spring is correctly located top and bottom

9.11 Install the diaphragm assembly with the indent in the piston facing the air intake side

shown in the accompanying illustration. If the Kawasaki tool is being used, raise the zero mark to a point several millimetres above the bottom edge of the carburettor main body. If a piece of clear plastic tubing is being used, make a mark on the tubing at a point several millimetres above the bottom edge of the carburettor main body.

17 Unscrew the drain screw at the bottom of the float chamber a couple of turns, then turn

Army Checking Fuel Level

1 Fuel level gauge 4 Bottom edge of

2 Gauge zero mark carburettor body

3 Fuel level 5 Drain screw

10.2 Lift the outer cable out of its bracket and detach the inner cable nipple from the cam

10.3a The switch housing is secured by two screws (arrowed)

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