10 Installation is the reverse of removal, noting the following.

a) Remove the grease seal from each bearing and withdraw the inner sleeve from the swingarm, then lubricate the bearings with molybdenum disulphide grease (see illustrations 13.4a and b and 13.5). Fit the sleeve and the seals back into the bearings. Also lubricate the pivot bolt and the shock absorber pivot bolt shanks with molybdenum disulphide grease.

b) Loop the drive chain over the swingarm as it is offered up to the frame (see illustration). Make sure that the chain slider is fitted to the swingarm and that any breather and drain pipes are correctly positioned.

c) Tighten the swingarm pivot bolt nut to the torque setting specified at the beginning of the Chapter (see illustration).

d) Tighten the brake torque arm nut to the specified torque setting.

e) Tighten the shock absorber bolts to the specified torque setting.

f) Check the operation of the rear suspension before taking the machine on the road.

13 Swingarm - inspection and bearing replacement

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