Special Toot - Fork Cylinder Holder 57001-1297

• Unscrew the Allen bolt [D], then take the bolt and gasket out of the bottom of the inner tube.

•Take the piston cylinder unit [A]. O Do not disassemble the piston cylinder unit

•Separate the inner tube from the outer tube as follows. OSIide up the dust seal.

O Remove the retaining ring [A] from the outer tube.

O Grasp the inner tube and stroke the outer tube up and down several times. The shock to the fork seal separates the inner tube from the outer tube.

*lf the tubes are tight, use a fork outer tube weight. Special Tool - Fork Outer Tube Weight 57001-1218

»Remove the inner tube guide bushing [A], outer tube guide bushing [B], washer [C], oil seal [D], retaining ring and dust seal from the inner tube.

Front Fork Assembly •Replace the following parts with new one. Oil Seal

Guide Bushings

• Place an oil coated plastic bag [A] over the end of the inner tube to protect the dust seal [B] and oil seal.

OThe inner tube bushing groove has a sharp edge that can cut the sealing lip of the seals as they are pushed down over the inner tube.

• Install the following parts onto the inner tube.

Dust Seal Retaining Ring Oil Seal Washer

Outer Tube Guide Bushing Inner Tube Guide Bushing

•When assembling the new outer tube guide bushing, hold the washer against the new bushing and tap the washer with the fork oil seal driver [A] until it stops.

Special Tool - Forte Oil Seal Driver, $41: 57001-1288

•After installing the washer, install the oil seal by using the fork oil seal driver.

• Install the retaining ring and dust seal by hand.

• Install the piston cylinder unit in the inner tube.

• Replace the bottom Allen bolt gasket with a new one.

•Stop the cylinder from turning by using the fork cylinder holder.

Special Tool - Fork Cylinder Holder: 57001-1297 •Apply a non-permanent locking agent to the Allen bolt and tighten it Torque - Front Fork Bottom Allen Bolt 39 N-m (4.0 kg-m, 29 ft-lb)

• Pour in the specified type of oil (see Fork Oil Change).

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