Coolant Level Inspection


O Check the level when the engine is cold (room or ambient temperature).

•Check the coolant level in the reserve tank with the motorcycle held perpendicular.

*lf the coolant level is lower than the "L" (Low) level line [A], add coolant to the "F" (Full) level line [B].

For refilling, add the specified mixture of coolant and soft water. Adding water alone dilutes the coolant and degrades its anttcorro-slon properties. The diluted coolant can attack the aluminum engine parts. In an emergency, soft water alone can be added. But the diluted coolant must be returned to the correct mixture ratio within a few days.

If coolant must be added often, or the reservoir tank has run completely dry; there Is probably leakage In the cooling system. Check the system for leaks.

Coolant Draining


To avoid bums, do not remove the radiator cap or try to change the coolant when the engine is still hot. Wait until it cools down. Coolant on tires will make them slippery and can cause an accident and injury. Immediately wipe up or wash away any coolant that spills on the frame, engine, or other painted parts. Since coolant is harmful 1o the human body, do not use for drinking.

Right Inner Fairing and Lower Fairings (see Frame chapter) Radiator Cap [A]

•Place a container under the drain plug [A] at the bottom of the water pump [B].

• Drain the coolant from the radiator and engine by removing the drain plug.

Mounting Bolts [B] and Reserve Tank [C]

• Remove the cap [D] and pour the coolant into a container.

Coolant Filling •Tighten the drain plug.

• Fill the radiator up to the thermostat housing cover [A] filler neck [B] with coolant and install the radiator cap.


O Pour in the coolant slowly so that it can expel the air from the engine and radiator.

• Fill the reserve tank up to the "F" level line with coolant, and install the cap.


Soft or distilled water must be used with the antfreeze (see below for antifreeze) in the cooling system.

M hard water is used in the system, It causes scales accumulation in the water passages, and considerably reduces the efficiency of the cooling system.

Water and Coolant Mixture Ratio (Recommended) Soft Water : 50%

Total Amount : 2.4 L


O Choose a suitable mixture ratio by referring to the coolant manufacturer's directions.

• Remove the rubber cap [A], and loosen the air bleeder bolt [B], until the coolant begins to flow out the air bleeder bolt hole (that is, when all the remaining air has been forced out). •Tighten the air bleeder bolt

•Start the engine, warm it up thoroughly until the radiator fan turns on and then stop the engine. •Check the coolant level in the reserve tank after the engine cools down. *lf the coolant level is lower than the "L" level line, add coolant to the "F" level line.


Do not add more coolant above the "F" level line.

Pressure Testing

• Remove the inner fairing (see Frame chapter).

• Remove the radiator cap, and install a cooling system pressure tester [A] on the filler neck.


O Wet the cap sealing surfaces with water or coolant to prevent pressure leaks.

• Build up pressure in the system carefully until the pressure reaches 123 kPa (1.25 kg/cm2,18psi).


During pressure testing, do not exceed the pressure for which the system is designed. The maximum pressure is 123 kPa (1.25 kg/cm2,18 psi).

•Watch the gauge for at least 6 seconds.

*lf the pressure holds steady, the system is all right.

*lf the pressure drops soon, check for leaks.

Water Pump

Water Pump Removal

• Drain the coolant (see Coolant Draining).

Water Hose [A]

Water Pump Installation

• Note the position of the oil pump shaft projection [A] and turn the water pump shaft [B] so that the projection fits into the slot [C].

Water Pump Inspection

• Check the drainage outlet passage [A] at the side of the water pump body for coolant leaks. *lf the mechanical seal is damaged, the coolant leaks through the seal and drains through the passage. Replace the water pump unit with a new one.

• Visually inspect the impeller [A],

*lf the surface is corroded, or if the blades are damaged, replace the water pump unit with a new one.

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