1. Tum Signal Indicator Light 5. Turn Signal Fuse 10A 9. Tum Signal Switch

2. Front Right Tum Signal Light 6. Junction Box 10. Ignition Switch

3. Front Left Tum Signal Light 7. Rear Right Tum Signal Light 11. Main Fuse 30A

4. Turn Signal Relay 8. Rear Left Turn Signal Light 12. Battery

Fuel Pump

OThe fuel pump [A] operates when the starter button is pushed on or the engine is running.

OWhen fuel level in the float chamber is low, the fuel pump operates to supply fuel into the float chamber. When the fuel reaches a certain level, the fuel pressure rises, and the fuel pump stops.

Removal/Installation • Refer to the fuel system chapter.

Fuel Pump Relay Inspection

•Set the hand tester to the x 1 kQ range and make the measurements shown in the table.

Special Tool - Hand Tester: 57001-1394

*lf the tester readings are not as specified, replace the fuel pump relay. *lf the tester readings are normal, check the fuel pump operation.


Use only Hand Tester 57001-1394 for thte test An ohm meter other than the Kawasaki Hand Tester may show different readings. If a megger or a meter with a large-capacity battery Is used, the pump relay wlH be damaged.

Fuel Pump Relay Internal Resistance


Tester (+) Lead Connection

x 1 kfi

















10 - 100





20 - 200

1 ~ 5


(-)• : Tester (-) Lead Connection Fuel Pump Operational Inspection

• Remove the fuel pump with the fuel filter (see Fuel System chapter).

• Prepare a container filled with kerosene.

• Prepare the rubber hoses, and connect them to the pump fittings. •Connect the suitable pressure gauge to the outlet hose as shown.

Pressure Gauge [B] 2-Pin Connector [G]

Outlet Hose [C] Battery [H]

Inlet Hose [D] Auxiliary Leads [I] Fuse Filter [E]

•Connect the pump leads to the battery using auxiliary wires as shown.

*lf the pump operates, check the pump relay.

*lf the pump does not operate, the pump is defective.

* If the pump operates and the pump relay is normal, close the outlet hose while operating the fuel pump. •When the pump stops, read the pressure gauge. *lf the pressure gauge reading is out of the specified pressure, the pump is defective.

Fuel Pump Pressure

Standard :11~16kPa

1. IC Igniter

2. Fuel Pump Relay

3. Junction Box

4. Starter Circuit Relay

5. Ignition Fuse 10A

6. Starter Lockout Switch

7. Fuel Pump

8. Starter Button

9. Engine Stop Switch

10. Ignition Switch

11. Main Fuse 30A

12. Starter Relay

13. Battery

Radiator Fan System

Fan System Circuit Inspection

• Disconnect the leads from the radiator fan switch [A].

• Using an auxiliary wire [B], connect the radiator fan switch leads. *if the fan rotates, inspect the fan switch.

*lf the fan does not rotate, inspect the following. Leads and Connectors Main Fuse and Fan Fuse Fan Motor

Fan Motor Inspection

Right Inner Fairing Air Intake Duct Clamp

• Bend open the air intake duct.

• Disconnect the 2-pin connector in the fan motor leads.

• Using two auxiliary wires, supply battery power to the fan motor.

2 - Pin Connector [A] Battery [B] *lf the fan does not rotate, the fan motor is defective and must be replaced.

Radiator Fan Circuit

Radiator Fan Circuit

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