Oil Pump Installation

OWhen pressing the needle bearing [A] into the pump cover [B], align the 02.5 mm hole [C] in the bearing with the <J>3.0 mm hole [D] in the cover.

Special Tool - Bearing Driver Set 57001-1129

• Install the main rotor [A] and the pump body [B] onto the pump shaft [C].

•Turn the oil pump shaft so that the pump shaft projection [B] fits the slot [C] in the end of the water pump shaft. •Apply a non-permanent locking agent to the threads of the oil pump bolts, and tighten them.

Torque - Oil Pump Bolts: 12 N-m (1.2 kg-m, 104 In-lb)

• Install the subrotor [A] so that the mark [B] on the subrotor aligns with the pin [C].

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