Periodic Maintenance Chart

The scheduled maintenance must be done in accordance with this chart to keep the motorcycle in good running condition. The initial maintenance is vitally important and must not be neglecled.

Refer to P.16-11 for '96 ZX900-B3 other than U.S. and Canadian Models.





comes first * „





Spark plug - clean

Spark plug - check*

Valve clearance - check*

Air suction valve - check"

Air cleaner element and air vent filter -clean

Air cleaner element and air vent filter - replace

5 cleanings

Throttle grip play--check*

Idle speed - check*

Engine vacuum synchronization -check "

Fuel system--check *

Coolant - change

2 years

Evaporative emission control system (Cal) - check*

Engine oil - change


Oil filter -replace

Radiator hoses, connections - check*


Fuel filter - replace

Fuel hose - replace

4 years

Clutch fluid level - check *

Clutch fluid - change

2 years

Clutch hose and pipe - replace

4 years

Clutch master cylinder cup and dust seal -replace

2 years

Clutch slave cylinder piston seal - replace

2 years

Drive chain wear -check *

Drive chain -lubricate

300 km

Drive chain slack - check *

800 km


Brake pad wear -check'

Brake fluid level - check"


Brake fluid - change

2 years


Brake hose - replace

4 years

Brake master cylinder cup and dust seal - replace

2 years

Caliper piston seal and dust seal - replace

2 years

Brake light switch - check*

Steering - check*

Steering stem bearing - lubricate

2 years

Front fork oil - change

Tire wear - check*

Swingarm pivot, uni-trak linkage - lubricate

General lubrication - perform

Nuts, bolts, and fasteners tightness - check*

t : For higher odometer readings, repeat at the frequency interval established here. ' : Replace, add, adjust, clean, or torque if necessary.

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