Separator Operation Test


Gasoline is extremely flammable and can be explosive under certain conditions. Turn the ignition switch OFF. Do not smoke. Make sure the area is well-ventllaled and free from any source of flame or sparfcs; this Includes any appliance with a pilot light.

• Connect the hoses to the separator, and install the separator on the motorcycle.

• Disconnect the breather hose from the separator, and inject about 20 mL of gasoline into the separator through the hose fitting.

• Disconnect the fuel return hose from the fuel tank.

• Run the open end of the return hose into the container and hold it level with the tank top.

•Start the engine, and let it idle.

*lf the gasoline in the separator comes out of the hose, the separator works well. If it does not, replace the separator with a new one.

Vacuum Valve Operation


The liquid may contain gasoline.

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