Air filters and bellmouths

Air filtfer information has been given in the Maintenance section. The only further advice concerns the question of filter fitment or removal. Remember that you should not remove the air filter and expect your machine to perform adequately without altering anything else. Using any machine with standard carburation settings once the air filter has beeĀ« removed will result in flat spots, loss of performance and/or economy, irregular tickover and extra induction roar. With luck you'll wear your engine out! Some Twins including the SFC were not factory fitted with air filters and if these machines are so fitted, they do lose the fine edge of their performance. However, in terms of longevity it is probably a good pay-off to lose that edge and achieve the economies. For these machines the best proprietary fitment is the oil foamed, one-per-carb type made by firms like UniFilter.

If you do remove your air filter (and I don't recommend it) for extra performance seek further advice as to how you alter your carburettor settings. The type of exhaust fitted to your machine may make a difference too. Do not automatically think that fitting bellmouths to the carburettors will improve things. The correct length and bore will almost certainly help the Twin but it is unlikely to help the Triple, at least in a form that can be ridden on the-road. I do know that Jota production racers junk their air filters but retain the rubber trunking that connects the carburettors to the air filter air box. They are not fitted with bellmouths, which ruin, in particular, mid-range performance. On standard systems, make sure that the rubber/plastic trunking is intact and not perished. Replace if damaged.

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