Carburettor stubs

Each carburettor sits on the cylinder head via a stub, distance piece and, in the case of the early Twin, one rubber O ring; on all the others, two O rings. The Twin's O ring sits between the distance piece and the cylinder head; the others either side of the distance piece. Both the distance piece and the stubs are located over two studs which screw directly into the cylinder head.

It is important that the O rings are in good condition and that there is a gas tight seal. Generally speaking there is no good reason to ever remove the stubs. The carburettor is clamped over the stub by a special 'hose' clip. It's essential that there is a gas tight seal here too. A vacuum balance pipe connects each stub.

NOTE: Three types of stub have been fitted to the Triple. (1973 — rubber insert, 1974/76 — plain alloy, 1977 on — webbed alloy). The best, webbed alloy version can be fitted to the 1974/76 machines but not the 1973 machine.

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