Chassis fuel tank and bodywork

Frame and fittings -, 129

Fork care 13°

Forks — removal and replacement 131

Forks — dismantling and assembly 131

Handlebar removal including levers and grips 133

Yokes — removal and replacement 134

Steering lock 135

Steering head bearings 135

Steering damper 135

Twistgrip and throttle cables 136

Rear shockabsorbers 136

Swingarmcare 137

Swingarm removal and replacement 137

Swingarm bushes • 137

Bodywork care 139

Front and rear mudguards 139

Fuel tank 140

Side panels 141

Mirrors 143

'Safety'bars 143

Luggage rack and hand rail 143

Foot rests 143

Stands 144

Rear number plate 144

Fairings 144

Frame and fittings

For the purposes of this book there is little of significance to say about either of the two basic types of Laverda frame used for the Twins and Triples, suffice it to say, they are quite different from each other.

Four basic sub-types of Twin frame have been used and one type of Triple (the 1200 and late 1000 frame does differ from the early 1000 but it cannot be considered as a different type). Both types of frame are substantially built and relatively heavy, but very strong. They are stiff and rigid, and difficult to damage. Only the Twin frame uses its engine for rigidity, although it is important that the Triple engine is firmly bolted-in. In fact, this section says little of real consequence except for two things:

It is very important that a straight, strong frame is used and that the engine is very firmly bolted-in.

If in doubt as to your frame's straightness. have it checked by an expert (do contact the factory or its concessionaires).

Neither the Twin nor the Triple likes a sidecar — don't fit one.

Removable frame fittings are the tool tray (3 bolts) on both types and battery tray (4 bolts) on the Twin only. The SFC has a rubber mounted, battery tray and no tool tray.

It is important that the frame is not allowed to go rusty — always touch-in rust spots. Any bracket damage may possibly be repaired by local brazing — consult an expert first.

The 1200 frame using CDi ignition. The 1000 frames and those using BTZ ignition are very similar. Earlier 1000 frames used upright shockabsorbers at the rear

NOTE: Two versions of the 1200 frame have been used but the differences are minimal. They differ because of CDI on BTZ ignition equipment. No lifting handle is used on the 1200 or 1200-framed 1000.

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