Keep your machine clean. That way it becomes a pleasure to work on in difficult conditions.

Carry tools on your machine for emergencies. It should be possible to carry the following, somewhere:

Factory tool kit. Spare chain links including a spring link and a chain breaker. Set of feeler blades. Contact-maker screwdriver. Inner tube. Tyre levers. Mini air pump. Aerosol foam tyre inflator. Rag. A set of gapped spark plugs. Hand cleanser.

Engine9 gearbox and clutch

Engine removal and replacement 51

Twin cylinder head, camshaft and valve gear 55

Triple cylinder head, camshafts and valve gear 62

Cylinder head, camshaft and valve gear wear — Twin and Triple 68

Barrel 68

Pistons 70

Primary drive and clutch 72

Oil pump 78

Oil cooler 78

Crankcase 80

Crankshaft and connecting rods 82

Gear shift system and gearbox sprocket 83

Cross-over gearchange and braking systems 86

Gear trains and selectors 88

0 0

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