Crossover gearchange and braking systems

American legislation has dictated that the gears must be shifted by a pedal on the left side of the motorcycle. European manufacturers have found themselves following Japanese design to conform. Laverda have not conformed as much as others for their left shift is very much an 'add on' to their standard right shift, but an add-on which does work quite well.

Twins and Triples feature two distinct systems. The Twin's system is the most complex. The gear shift consists of a short reversed lever which activates a near vertical rod to a lever on a cross-over shaft which pivots on the frame way above the rear chain line on the rear engine

This second photograph shows the top lip of the shift foot which must click down on the little land on the selector shift in the previous photo. It's important that the shift foot's movement is equal up and down

The two arrows show alignment marks -wheel spina-e *>th drum aft selector

The Twin cross-over gear change/brake pedal assembly

Here's the different system for the Triple mounting bolts. On the left side of the machine another rod drops down from the end of the crossover shaft to a foot lever which pivots on a special footrest, which is mounted to a connecting bracket which is itself bolted to the standard footrest position. The right side foot rest attaches to a iitniiar connecting bracket which bolts to the standard footrest position. The rear brake pedal pivDts on that footrest and operates a lever/rod which acts directly onto the rear brake master cylinder which has been moved to the right hand side. The hydraulic hose from master cylinder to caliper runs over the rear mudguard.

The Triple uses a much neater system without the use of extra rods. The gear shift operates a parallel lever, via a short rod, which is fixed to the cross-over shaft. A special type of shift drive is fitted inside the outer gearbox cover — it is special because of the necessary peg rather than spline fixing of the lever. (Note also that the outer gearbox cover is different). The right side brake pedal and master cylinder arrangement is very similar to that of the Twin although a near standard footrest is used, its lever pivotting on the footrest's fixing bolt rather than on the rest itself.

On both systems there is a lot of room for adjustment. Practice will dictate what works where. Whatever happens do not overtighten any of the bushes.

NOTE: On earlier machines with rear drum brakes, the shifting method remains the same but the rear brake cable is just an extension of the standard fitment and does not create any new problems.

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