Disc brake pad replacement

Brembo calipers have been used throughout on the machines being dealt with in this guide. They have an excellent reputation for reliability and strength, not to mention effectiveness.

On most machines all that will need to be done regularly to the disc crakes is pad replacement. Remove the little plastic cover from the top of the caliper — it grips on both its inner edges. With a long, thin drift tap out the two cross pins which hold the pads in the caliper body, from the 'inside', i.e. from across the wheel hub. Pull the pins out once they are ready to come through. Note the anti-rattle springs, through which the pins pass, and retain them.

Pull out the old pads, measure them and replace them with new pads if they are too thin or damaged.

NOTE: Hydraulic brake fluid is nasty. It strips paint, eats tyre rubber and can harm the human skin tissue. Avoid touching it — wash it off with cold water immediately.

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