The Laverda cast iron discs are known for the effectiveness and reliability. There is no good reason for worrying about them.

They can be checked for warpage in situ. Spin the wheel and use a dial gauge clamped to the fork leg; run out should not exceed 0.20mm. If it does, remove the offending disc and replace with a new one.

Check also for scoring. Light scoring is to be expected, but heavy scoring, where you can feel strong indentations, means you need new discs.

Disc removal is easy. Remove the offending wheel from the machine and place it on a bench. Have someone hold the wheel firmly and bend back the locking tabs of the tab washers, which hold the disc bolts. There are seven such bolts for each disc. Undo these b:its. remove and then remove the disc(s). Front cast wheel discs use a spacer underneath them, others do not. All discs are interchangeable front to rear, side to side, except the rear disc on wire wheel SFCs which is unique. Rear discs use setscrews, not nuts and bolts. Replace the discs in a reverse process but make sure you torque up the bolts. It makes good sense to renew the tab washers every time.

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