Flashers were fitted from late 1973/early 1974 to most machines including some SFCs. Three basic types of unit were used although there have been a variety of fittings on which they have been mounted. Two types are of CEV manufacture and not very strong, the third was a Lucas fitment used in 1973. The flasher bodies are chromed plastic — they crack easily and strip their threads.

Some CEV units clamp onto the drilled shaft provided for them; the other type thread direct onto their shafts and have a lock nut to help. The length variety of shaft mountings are numerous, so are the points where they are fixed. At the front, it could be onto the headlamp brackets or the headlamp shell itself through its mounting. At the rear, it could be onto the cross shaft on the number plate, onto two brackets on the rear grab-rail; even the rear light bracket direct.

Lens removal is straightforward as is bulb replacement. Be gentle. The flasher unit is located on the left hand side of the machine under the side panel. It's a Lucas unit (from a Mini) and it sits in a little 'vibration free' clip, also a Lucas part. On its bottom side it has a little protruding stud which fixes it to the clip with a nut. On the opposite side are three Lucas connectors. It's fiddly to replace. The units are quite reliable provided they are always mounted and connected properly.

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