Front brake cable replacement

Several types of cable, varying in type and length, have been fitted. Make sure you always have the correct fitment.

Cable removal is straightforward provided all the adjustment is taken out of it first. On the Grimeca and late Laverda type, take out the adjustment then press the brake lever at the cable end as hard as possible with your hand and slip the cable nipple end out of its captor. Release the arm. Now unscrew the outer cable adjuster at the brake plate, all the way out, and thereby release the cable. Now you cdn take the cable end out of the lever on the handlebar. Note the route down which the cable travels. On the early Laverda type brake, slacken off the stop screw on the lever

Laverda's early front drum, cable and shoe stop adjustment (Twin)

Laverda's own front brake cable adjustment arm, at the brake plate. Take out any adjustment at the lever end. Undo the cable locknuts at the brake plate end and unthread the inner cable. Pull it out and release it at the lever end.

Replacement of new cables is a case of yet another reverse procedure. Make sure the cable is well oiled before it is put on the machine.

Adjust the drum brake. Make sure there are no kinks or harsh bends.

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