Gearbox dimensions with bushes as appropriate

Selector forks ID - 14.00 - 14.018mm, selector fork shaft OD - 13.983 - 13.99mm.

2nd gear to main shaft: gear ID - 24.99 - 25.07mm, shaft OD 24.595 - 24.98mm, maximum play 0.150mm

2nd gear to main shaft end float: gear width - 21.35 - 21.40mm. max. space available to thrust washer - 21.60 - 21.650mm. maximum play 0.50mm

4th gear to main shaft: gear ID - 20.459 - 20.48mm, shaft OD 20.49 - 20.507mm, maximum play 0.150mm

4th gear to main shaft end float: gear width 16.95 to 17.00mm, max. space available to thrust washer - 17.30 to 17.35mm (Twins and Triples except SFC), maximum play 0.5mm. SFC - 15.45 to

15.50mm ard 15.70 to 15.75mm

5th gear to mainshaft: gear ID - 17.005 to 17.010mm. shaft OD - 16.966 to 16.984mm, maximum play 0.100mm

Distance between outer edge of 5th gear (mainshaft) and edge of 2nd bush inside (away from gear)

5th gear to mainshaft: gear ID (bush) - 20.009 to 20.025mm. ID (needles) 16.007 to 16.020mm, shaft OD (bush) - 19.991 to 20.00mm, shaft OD (needles - 15.992 to 16.00mm, maximum play 0.080mm

(SFC only)

1st gear to layshaft: gear ID (not inc. bush -14 005 to 24.015mm. shaft OD (with bush) - 23.975 to 23.98mm, (Twins). 24.032 to 24.040mm anc I " j02 to 20.018mm [Triples), maximum play 0.150mm 1st gear to layshaft end float - width of gear - 1" to 18.00mm. space available -18.25 to 18.30mm

3rd gear to layshaft: gear ID - 20.49 to 20 shaft OD - 20.459 to 20.48mm,

■sm play 0.150mm 3rd gear to layshaft end float - width at se-ar - 20.45 to 20.50mm space available - 20.95 to

2lj05snsL maximum play 0.50mm

Front forks Cerun: i5mm stanchions up to December 1973 (Twin frame n: 15926, Triple frame no. 1570 thereafter 38mm. Manoccm 38mm for the 1200 after frame no. 1367 and sc3s*ftix^entlv the

1000 with frame no. 6078. Spring rate: Cerunn 175kg cm ± 5%, Marzoccui n.a.

Rear suspension units Ceriani &±mstable with spring rate of 180kg cm ±5%, g«» riieL From mid-1978 Corte e Cosso gas were liH i1 i ****

.r.ples. 108mm travel

NOTE: Although seemingly to a sin- - a m the Triple suspension units front and rear are longer than those fitted to me 7 - - ad are therefore not strictly interchangeable. The

Marzocchi forks are longer st__ ier . :oa jsed Cerianis front and rear, although the rear shocks were angled. Marx®: mt -» Corte e Cosso gradually took over on both Triples. The 1979 specification ma Tare-; mem with the 1000 using angle rear shocks too. The first 1000 so fitted was frame a: ~ 114. Corte e Cosso units were an option on Triples from early 1978.

Brakes up tm T~-ily 1970, dual leading shoe 230mm Grimeca drum

— front shoe dimensions - 235 x 30 x 6mm a m i. -

leading shoe 200mm Grimeca drum - rear shoe mnecsions - 235 x 30 x 6mm

July 1970, dual leading shoe 230mm Laverda drums

- front and rear - both with air scoop (rear on right side m sprocket carrier)

Shoe dimensions 235 x 30 x 3mm

Lining material Mmtex M16

Disc models 230mm diameter cast iron discs* by Brembo, 6.5mm thick

— Brembo calipers. All discs and calipers are interchangeable front and rear.

NOTE: *Discs are of composite type with cast iron disc on aluminium centre

Hydraulic fluid specification DOT 4

Lateral disc runout not to exceed 0.20mm

Parallelism of disc surface to hub surface 0.050mm

Disc radial error 0.038mm

Disc pad distance 0.2mm

New pad thickness 9mm

Minimum pad thickness 5.5mm

Master cylinder (Brembo) piston diameter OD minimum: 15.832mm, cylinder ID minimum: 15.918mm

Brembo caliper seal repair kit 55120080

Brembo master cylinder repair kit (front) 55120077

Brembo master cylinder repair kit (rear) 55120077


Wire spoke: Borrani on Laverda hubs -18 inch rims - front - WM3 -18 4446 or 4761 rear - WM3 -18 4616 or 4613 or 4743 (SFC disc); the numbers are spoke specifications* Cast aluminium (Laverda-FLAM manufacture) - 18 inch rims front - WM3 - 18 4761, rear - WM3 - 18 4613 NOTE: *SFC's used special wire spoke hubs

Starter Motors

Twins - 0.95hp Triples - 0.5hp

Model type - Twin - Nippon Denso

Triple - Bosch 0 001 160 003


Twins - Belt driven dynamo non-ar stable) - 150 watts, 10 amps at 3000 rev/min Model number -Bosch (14V11A19), belt type Pirelli Oelostatic Z- 19V2 (10 x 495mm) Triples - Bosch alternator - Very early 100W, Early 100/23W, Later 140W, now 150W - See text. 150W Regulator fitmen: Bosch 0 212 920 001

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