Gumption, n. (colloq.). Resource, enterprising sp:r:t go. ready practical sense. Sc., of unkn. orig. so reads the entry in The Concise Oxford Dictionary Oxford University Press), and that's all you'll need. I won't give you spanner sizes — because the nut sizes might change at the factory. I won't tell you which type of spanner to use uiLr-r : helps or :s unobvious. But don't be frightened — Laverdas are strong machines, simply des p«: ;nd built, and they are built to be used. Careful maintenance will prolong their life and pr;—:e safety.

Routine maintenance is an everydt. ruiiness which starts the day before you buy your machine. On that day you should be real; . -jus book. Routine maintenance should see your machine in tip-top condition with all the adjustments. with all its wearing components, such as tyres, in usable condition — hop-e:' _ - ; >ing to allow you t o see and diagnose faults and breakages coming-up and enable you to Dc scciechiag about them at the least possible cost. Everytime you ride your bike, give ~.:.-e : cite-over. Every time

Clean your machine regularly, par- mUr. u: the winter — it's then that road salt and the aggressive atmosphere can really eat uit: —Regularly check and adjust your machine at the intervals given next. Do it religiously adynr machine should live longer. Remember as your machine ages it may need even more ire: _«rn rare — just like a person-

Here is a maintenance guide. Most of the tasks can be done with the tools supplied with a new machine (their quality is not high), but . ez better and certainly quicker to use some more sophisticated ones sometimes.

Once a week, or after every 300 miles .g«c_~ * * Tyre pressures

Always check the tyre pressure of eacr. vsm mien the tyres are cold, preferably before a journey. Leave hot tyres for an hour or r —~ :":r ¿n accurate reading. Use your own accurate pocket gauge every time. Do not re. i-nir- forecourt instruments, they are so often inaccurate. Be very fussy with this cbe :.»

It helps to use a special 'L' shape: ut - • pump up tyres on a Laverda because most pumps will not fit a valve in a Laverda ■: ee : - r :e esch dust cap onto the valve once the job is done. See the Specifications for pressures — i-r. er 20 below 25 psi «1 either wheel — but adjust the pressures to suit your machine. Tr. ■ psi difference, front- tc back

Once over check

Scour your machine for loose fittings. ■■£» ad baits, rattling rear ■■fcer plate, loose side panels, sloppy instruments, wobbly fuel t .-.-.• . es er.: ■ • :t :r__r_; :r. looks strange. Fix

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