Mirror fitment has always been an owner decision except in America and some other countries. Drum braked machines may have difficulty in mounting anything other than a bar-end or clamp mirror — none was fitted by the factory.

Disc braked machines, at least, have a drilling in the right-hand master cylinder lever bracket. Early drillings had 14 x 1.5mm threads, later ones, instead, have the more common 14 x 1.25mm threads. Perhaps again, only bar-end mirrors are the answer for there is nowhere to mount a clamp mirror on these machines. The SFC poses more of a problem, however, any owner who cannot easily answer that problem perhaps should not be riding one!

'Safety' bars

The factory have supplied, as an accessory, a pair of chrome 'safety' bars designed to protect the engine. Their fitment is quite straightforward although it will be necessary to undo some engine and crankcase bolts. The Twin's one piece bars were designed to engine-mount on SFs and GTLs — some other Twins may be able to use them. The Triple's 'safety' bars are two-piece and bolted to the frame. Make sure the U-bolt threads are clean otherwise they will strip.

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