Oil coolery

It was in April 1974, frame number 1806, that Laverda decided that the Triple needed an oil cooler. The SFC was similarly equipped from March 1975. Oil is pumped from the special crankcase take-off point up to the alloy cooler, fitted just under the steering head, and then back again to an input point. A couple of different specificaiton radiators have been fitted to the Triple — remember at one time the horns were mounted on its front. The Triple's radiator is mounted on three rubber cushions similar to those used on the SF's exhaust silencers!

The SFC's cooler radiator uses one of its rubber exhaust mounts. The oil pipes are a push-on-fit at each end although there are screw connectors into the crankcase. Always use proper oil resistant hose and always use hose clips at each end. Never mount the radiators solid and never cover them up thinking that the air temperature is too low for them to be needed. No repair is

The Twin's oil pump and contact breaker ignition assembly

The Triple's oil pump is quite different and r-Tere ; to direct connection with the ignition system, Ttte o filter is also here

The oil cooler components on the late Triple. (Earlier Triples and the SFC use similar set-ups)

Note how the oil cooler radiator is rubber mounted. The arrow shows the connector into the crankcase for Make sure the pipe-to-radiator connections are tight the oil cooler radiator flow pipes and clean

available for a cooler radiator — replacement is the only answer. When fitting a fairing to the Triple make sure air can still reach the cooler radiator.

Other Twins do not need a cooler unless you are planning to race one. and then it would help. With the right equipment it is possible to tap the crankcase in the right place.

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