Petrol taps and fuel lines

Once again little of any consequence can be added to the section already given in the Maintenance chapter on fuel taps.

Most early Laverdas, at least over the past few years, have been equipped with high quality 'green' fuel pipe and some jewel like, if fragile, French made hose clips. Most 'plastic' pipe goes petrol-hard with age and therefore needs fairly frequent replacement — Laverda's 'green' is better than most and while it fades, it does not become hard before at least thirty months. Try always to fit the proper pipe — not only does it look the part but it works too, even being the correct size. The original hose clips are the best fitment too, although the later spring clip type do work and is the only Laverda supplied one now.

Make sure the pipe is not kinked in anyway and that it is tucked away properly. The Twin uses three pieces of pipe; two down from each tap with one piece connecting the two carburettors. The Triple uses four pieces; two down and two interconnecting and balancing. (The 650, early 750GT and S were not fitted with the interconnecting fuel line; these machines would benefit from this modification).

1 The earliest Twin air cleaner set-up

2 The last 750 air c eaner element components and side panels

3 The Triple's quite different air cleaner situation

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