Rear drum brake pedal

The drum brake pedal comprises a shaped pedal, return spring and lever plate. The Twin's pedal includes its pivot, the Triple's is splined onto a separate pivot shaft.

The pedal passes through a frame bracket around which it is sprung. The bush is not lubricated externally.

To remove the pedal because of breakage, spring breakage or whatever reason, remove the rear brake cable as already described. From beneath the machine locate and undo the nut and washers which fix the lever plate onto a flat of the brake pedal. Once removed pull the brake pedal away from the machine, wait for the spring and catch the lever plate. Note the exact location before removing.

Replacement is a straightforward reverse procedure although 'springing' the return spring is not easy and make take some time to get it right. Grease the brake pedal pivot before fitting. Check brake light switch adjustment.

NOTE: Machines with a cross-over gearchange/brake system no further additional instructions are necessary. The brake cable is just longer!

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