Rear shockabsorbers

Little can be said about the rear shockabsorbers. Generally speaking they work well for g long period of time. If they are to be replaced they must be replaced as a pair. All the units have a hand

(Ceriani) or special tool (Corte e Cosso) adjustment for spring pre-load. If you want to alter the spring pre-load (for solo riding — softest setting — the Ceriani lever arm should face the rear of the machine; the Corte e Cosso setting should be at its lowest) the machine must be placed on its centre stand.

To alter the pre-load setting on the Corte e Cosso shocks, it is necessary to remove the shock from the machine. Preferably ignore the useless tool, remove the spring and alter the spring base setting by hand. A new design of tool should be available soon. The shocks are fitted to the machine by two large nuts and bolts, both of which are tightened hard. The shocks should be replaced every 30,000 miles with their springs so that you can be sure that they are thoroughly effective. Little of certainty is gained by replacing the factory fitment by shocks of a completely different specification.

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