Rear wheel removal disc brake

Disc brake rear wheel removal is slightly more difficult than for drum brake models because the caliper carrier makes it a tight fit. Lift the machine onto its centre stand, as high as possible. A curb could be used to mount the machine over. It helps to remove the nearside silencer and then loosen the lock nut and stud on the caliper carrier on the swing arm. Loosen the rear wheel spindle nut on both sides and then loosen both chain adjusters, noting their approximate position. The factory recommends chain splitting on a. machines. In fact this is not strictly necessary although it may be an easier method for some people. The instruction given here does not include chain splitting.

On machines with the factory chauic ase only, take off the rear plate and loosen the two chain-run rubber sleeve 'hose' clips and pull the sleeves off the casing.

Now tap out the rear wheel spindle from the offside with a suitable drift. Catch the various spacers. A piece of wood to support the rear wheel aot late Triples) at this stage helps. Undo the cover bolt and then pull back the caliper still on its carrier and then allow it to drop away from its proper position. Hang it close by the rear footrest with an elastistrap. Wriggle out the rear wheel — it's not easy.

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