Most Laverda dealers, even the one who sold your machine to yoi. >â– prepare a machine for sale with loving care. Nevertheless, you should check your own macnme before proceeding too far.

Check engine oil level. Check tyre pressures. Check rear whee. alignment, rear drive chain tension and lubrication. Check every nut and bolt for tightness. Check the battery.

"The first period in the life of a motorcycle is most important for its future performance and reliability." Laverdas take a long time to loosen up. Not only will the engine and gearbox require several thousands of miles but so will the suspension. It's been said that a Laverda runs best after 10.000 miles. For the first 750 miles do not exceed 4000 rev/min in any gear. Gradually increase the revs for the next 2000 miles. Don't labour the engine either. Make the best use of the gearbox.

The routine maintenance schedules given here apply to a run-in machine. Prior to that, a special schedule is necessary.

Change the engine/gearbox oil at the following intervals: 300 miles, 900 miles, 1500 miles. Adjust the primary and timing chains at 300 miles. Tighten all nuts and bolts at 300 miles.

Tighten the cylinder head down after checking the valve clearances at 500 miles, and then again at 1200 miles.

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