Side reflectors

Certain machines have been fitted with amber side reflectors, particularly those being sold in North American. These have usually been incorporated in the sides of the flasher units although earlier machines (before flashers were fitted) carried circular or rectangular reflectors affixed to the side of the headlamp mountings or on the 'tubes'. Also these reflectors have been stuck to the sides of the tail lamp unit, and on the SFC to both the vertical 'wings' and sides of the fairing.

Some of these reflectors have been made by Lucas while others are of Italian manufacture. The Lucas made ones are model number RER 14, part numbers 57079 and 57183.

Reflector Setting Guardrail

Late model Triples have this in-board earth wiring for the rear flashers, under the seat

This 1979 Jota uses square CEV flashers fitted to the grab rail. Other machines have a variety of fittings

Reflector Setting Guardrail

This is a North American market rear number plate and Early Twin rear amp components tail lamp set-up. Others are similar. Most Triples use the square rear lamp but without the stuck on reflectors

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