Swingarm care

Most people cannot tell which type of swingarm is fitted to their machine when on the move, so good is the execution Laverda have given to each method. The secret to swingarm success is to have the pivot done up tight enough (40 lb ft) and for non-rubber methods, to have the components packed with fresh, high quality, high melting point grease.

A worn swingarm should induce a wobble when riding. If you suspect the cause of such a wobble, set the machine on its centre stand, check tyre pressures and the torque of the swingarm pivot. If both are perfect, remove the rear shocks, grip the rear wheel and try to move it sideways; any looseness would suggest a worn swingarm. Don't confuse it with worn wheel bearings which should have a slightly different feel.

In theory, a well greased roller bearing swingarm should last for ever, whilst the bronze and rubber bushes will wear after heavy mileage. (Do note that the factory have fitted rubber bushes to the 500 Twins — these machines have world acknowledged handling characteristics amongst the best there are).

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