Swingarm removal and replacement

Although the actual swingarm has differed from machine to machine, dependent basically on whether they were drum or disc rear braked, there are only three basic methods of 'swing'. The 'softer' and earlier machines have rubber bushes, the early and 'sportier' machines have bronze bushes and the late Triples and some SF3s have parallel roller bearings. No matter what method is used, swing arm removal is a similar operation.

Remove the rear wheel. On machines where the splitting of the chain is not necessary in order to remove the rear wheel, then split the rear chain and remove the rear sprocket and cush drive now. Remove the chain guard if you have not already taken that advice. Disconnect the rear shocks at the swingarm. At the swingarm pivot, undo the lock nut on one side of the pivot pin. Remove the nut and then carefully tap the pivot pin through the pivot. Use a suitable drift.

Once the pin is out, the frame should have 'sprung apart' enough to allow the easy removal of the swingarm complete. Nothing should fall away with the swingarm except on the roller bearing models, when two nylon seal/washers, one from each side, should come loose.

Replacment of the swingarm is a straight reverse process of the above. Make sure the pivot pin nuts are equidistant along the pin on each side. Tighten the swing arm pivot pin to a high torque of 40 ft. lb.

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