Tail lamp and number plate mounting

On all Laverdas except the SFC the tail lamp and number plate have effectively been an integral unit. Three types have been fitted. Two are known as the 'square' unit, the other as the 'round' unit. The SFC uses just the 'round' lens and body direct onto the glass fibre seat unit, the seat unit serving as the number plate. Machines prior to February 1971 used a 'square' CEV unit which was covered in an aluminium cover. The 'round' unit was also CEV, and that came next. The third unit was a different shaped CEV 'square'. All three units consist of a lens, with a reflector stuck to it, a rim gasket, a reflector base which is then rubber-mounted to the mudguard bracket which is in turn attached to the number plate.

The lens uses two long screws which fix it to the base. The captive threads of the base often break with heavy-handedness. The bulb is easily replaced and has a bayonet fitting. The base bolts to the mudguard bracket.

The number plate is attached to the mudguard bracket by two hidden screws. The mudguard bracket which holds the whole tail lamp is mounted via three nuts and bolts, two visible at the top of the unit and one under the registration plate at the foot of the unit. America destined machines have their own design.

On some machines equipped with flashers, the rear flasher mounting rod locates behind the number plate just below the tail lamp unit It is fixed to the number plate via two screws and nuts threaded through two 'nips' in the rod.

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