Triples frame numbers

No real details are available on the Triples. The following frame retails have been created from design notices and leaked' details: 1972/73 First 1000 frame was no. 1001 (again)

1974 Year starts at approx. frame no. 1507

1975 First cast whee. 3CL was frame no. 3352 1977/78 First 1200 frame no was 1001 (again, again!)

1978 First 1200 with Marzocchi forks in Spring, frame no. 136" First 1000 with Marzocchi forks, frame no. 6078 First 1000 with angled rear shocks, frame no. 6204 First silver framed Jota. frame no. 6190* NOTE: *The bikes are not always built in strict numerical order

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