Valve gear

¿-Te angle from cylinder centre line Valve head diameter inlet seat width Exhaust seat width

Valve guide inner diameter

Valve stem diameter

Running clearances

Valve spring free length (new)

Rocker spindles (Twins) Diameter of spindle holes Diameter of spindle Running clearance (new) Cam followers (Triples) Follower diameter (new) Follower channel diameter (new) Running clearance

21.975 22.055 0.08

21.95mm 22.075mm 0.125 mm 0.150mm

32°30' Inlet, 37°30' Exhaust (Twins) 20°44' Inlet. 19°49' Exhaust (Triples) 38mm inlet. 34mm exhaust (650 and all Twins to 1973) 41.5mm inlet, 35.4mm exhaust (all post 1973 Twins) 38.1mm inlet, 35.1mm exhaust (all Triples) 1.5cm Valve seals are usually slightly narrower for 2.0mm better sealing, even at the risk of less heat dissipation.

8.012 to 8.030mm (all Twins and 1971-73 SFC) 7.012 to 7.030mm (SFC from 1974 and Triples) 8.00 to 8.010mm (all Twins and 1971-73 SFC). 7.00 to 7.010mm (SFC from 1974 and Triples) 0.002 to 0.030mm (new), wear limit + 0.20mm extenal 47.6mm (Twins) externa- 42.0mm (Triples)

14.005 to 14.010mm 13.941 to 13.968mm

0.037 to Qj059mm. maximum wear + 0.120mm

31.98 to 31.97mm 31.995 to 32.010mm

0u015 to 0.030mm (new), maximum wear 0.055mm

0 36man Twins), 0.07mm (Triples)

1 1:6mm (all models)

C 190mm (Twins), 0.180mm (Triples

0 0

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