What this book will do and what it wont

As its title describes this is a repair and tune-up guide for 1¿ erda Twin and Triple motorcycles. The description 'guide* is chosen very carefully: it parparte is lie a guide only and will obviously not actually naene your machine by itself.

It is assumed that every Laverda owner or user knows somecis* :c -tie ways of motorcycling and motorcycles. It is Mfifcdy that a Laverda of the type adkr dnsaan will be your first machine, and therefore we must assume that you have learn: :? ere rasics of motorcycle maintenance and repair 1- assumed that you know what to lac«. ::c »xm. an air filter is asked for. and the hydraulic : ra.»e fluid strips paint. No time is wastec at : " ses work unless a full understanding is essentia. ::: affective overhaul or repair. Using : • aerhod has enabled this guide to be jam-packed with information using a language which is read!!* understandable.

When advice is given writ eephasis. make no mistake of the ser.: usuras : f that advice; words are not minced. 'Clean' mean- eat your breakfast from it — : : .ess. As this guide is written by an author with a cocí, if rabie amount of practical eiq* r*nce. the methods used combine an efficiency of safety, time and cost — in that order.

Use this guide carefully and try to hear in mind the objective * : nich it was written. Although, positively not blinded, the author considers these la - ~~c,.aa aa some of the finest machines ever offered for sale.

Buy good tools for your costly machine. Poor ones wear out a ma-'...rea break and are not a pleasure to use.

Buy good oils, greases, tyres, chains etc., to the specifics* jc i.-an elsewhere. Keep your machine and yourself clean when working with this guide. You'L : a a. -ta~ar Your machine will feel better.

Work on your machine mder the best possible circumstances — : of the wind and dust, under proper light and without the next door neighbour's noia. cfc ¿

Remember that the factory usually knows best. Moto Laverds spend a lot of time and money developing their machines to a very high state — you purchased their r_a mine, after all — they iqow better, 'warts and all'. Buy their spare parts and beware c: pattern parts which promote - er performance and a cheaper price Obviously certain loca , .-ma ce parts such as plugs, bulbs and some consumerables can be bough: m safety.

This book is the work of many and a great trouble has been taien to get it straight, but the —thnr. pubhsher and manufacturer cannot accept any liability far loss, damage or injury caused :. any errors or omissions from the information given.

The _1 ustrations used in this book have been carefully pic^eo :o cover a cross-section of early, muddle and iate machines. In each case it should be easy to identify components on the Twins and : -- - - aa .-. :>?her. Where no specific »are! is gtven. they ar.:_.c ce appropriate to both types : f raachine. Not every component difference is recorded — this would be an impossible task.

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