1. Fuel cap

2. Gasket

3. Fuel tank

4. Bolt

5. Flat washer

6. Spacer

7. Rubber bushing

8. Front rubber tank mount

9. Flat washer

10. Nut

11. Fuel hose clip

12. Fuel hose clamp

13. Spring

14. Mounting spring clip

15. Rubber mount

16. Mounting bracket

4. Remove the fuel tank, if required, as described in this chapter.

5. Loosen the nut and remove the fuel supply valve.

6. Gently clean the strainer with a medium soft toothbrush and carefully blow out with compressed air. If the strainer is damaged or contaminated, replace it with a new one. On 1975 and later model supply valves, check the O-ring and replace if required.

FUEL VALVE (1966-1974)

FUEL VALVE (1966-1974)

Gasoline strainer Nut


Fuel hose tank

Gasoline strainer Nut


Fuel hose tank

FUEL VALVE (1975-1984)

Fuel tank Gasoline strainer

Handle Clamp Fuel hose

7. Coat the supply valve threads with Harley-David-son Pipe Sealant with Teflon.

8. Install the supply valve. Tighten the nut securely.

9. Install the fuel tank.

10. Pour a small amount of fuel into the fuel tank and check the supply valve for fuel leaks. Repair any leaks before riding the motorcycle.

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