1. Roller bearing

2. Spacer

3. Oil seal

4. Washer

5. Retaining ring

6. Wheel sprocket

7. Spacer

8. Axle

9. Washer

10. Bolt

11. Rear belt

12. Needle bearing

13. Oil seal

14. Transmission sprocket

15. Lockwasher

16. Locknut

17. Roller bearing

(not on FLH 80 classic)

18. Starter ring

19. Clutch sprocket assembly

20. Spacer

21. Bearing disc

22. Small damper

23. Large damper

24. Primary belt

25. Compensator drive hub

26. Compensating sprocket

27. Flange bearing

28. Lockwasher

29. Nut

30. Compensating sprocket assembly

6. Examine the brake drum as described in this chapter. If the drum is okay, proceed to Step 7.

7. Check the brake drum rivet holes. If the holes are elongated or damaged, new rivet holes will have to be drilled in the brake drum. If new holes have to be drilled, proceed to Step 8. If the holes are okay, proceed to Step 9.

8. Drill new rivet holes in the brake drum as follows:

a. Purchase a new sprocket, if required.

b. The sprocket holes will be used as a template to drill the new holes.

c. Place the sprocket over the brake drum.

d. Align the sprocket holes midway between the original dowel pins and the old rivet holes.

e. Use a No. 10 drill bit to drill all of the rivet holes.

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