Insert a piece of wood in the caliper(s) in place of the disc. That way, if the

brake lever is inadvertently squeezed, the piston will not be forced out of the caliper. If it does happen, the caliper might have to be disassembled to reseat the piston. By using the wood, bleeding the brake is not necessary when installing the wheel.

6. Loosen the lower bracket cover screw and lift the cover up, if so equipped.

7. Remove the fork cap (Figure 52), if necessary.

8. Loosen the upper and lower (Figure 53) fork tube pinch bolts. Then rotate the fork tube (Figure 54) and remove it.

9. Repeat for the opposite side.

10. Install by reversing these removal steps. Tighten all bolts to specifications (Table 1 or Table 2).

Front Fork Service Notes

WARNING If a fork tube is bent, do not attempt to disassemble it by removing the fork tube cap or plug. The fork spring may be tightly compressed and could cause severe personal injury if the fork cap is removed. Refer service at this point to a qualified Harley-Davidson dealer.

1. If fork disassembly is required, it is best to loosen, but not remove, the fork cap while the fork tube is still mounted on the bike. Loosen the upper pinch bolt and loosen the fork tube.

2. To measure the correct amount of fork fluid during reassembly, use a plastic baby bottle. These have measurements in fluid ounces (oz.) and cubic centimeters (cc) on the side.

Disassembly/Reassembly (1966-early 1977 FL Models)

Refer to Figure 55 (typical) for this procedure.

1. Remove the front fork as described in this chapter.

2. Remove the fork slider plug (11, Figure 55) from the top of the fork tube.

3. Remove the fork spring (12).

4. Hold the fork tube over a drain pan and drain the fork of all fork oil.

5. Remove the damper valve stud locknut (13) at the bottom of the fork slider. Then pull the fork slider tube (14) out of the slider.

6. Remove the snap ring (20) from the top of the slider. Then remove the damper tube lower bushing (17).

7. Discard the damper tube bushing gaskets.

8. Turn the slider over and remove the damper valve assembly (19).

9. Remove snap ring (20). Then remove the following parts in order:

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