The following models do not use a cir-clip or washer on the left-hand side: 1983 FXDG and 1984 FXSB cast wheels and all FXE and FXWG models with laced wheels.

6. Check the roller bearing cones and cups for wear, pitting or excessive heat (bluish tint). Replace the bearing cones and cups as a complete set. Replace the bearing cups as described in Step 7. If they do not require replacement, proceed to Step 9.

7. If the bearing cups require replacement, remove them using a blind bearing puller.

8. Remove the center spacer.

9. Clean the inside and outside of the hub with solvent. Dry with compressed air.

10. Installation is the reverse of these steps. Note the following.

11. Blow any dirt or foreign matter out of the hub prior to installing the bearings.

12. Pack the bearing cones with grease before installation.

13. Tap the oil seals (Figure 7) into the hub to the following specifications:

a. Laced wheels (except FXWG and FXE): 13/64-7/32 in. (5.16-5.56 mm).

b. Laced wheels (only FXWG and FXE): 3/16-1/4 in. (4.76-6.35 mm).

c. Cast wheels (except 1983 FXDG and 1984 FXSB): 13/64-7/32 in. (5.16-5.56 mm).

d. Cast wheels (only 1983 FXDG and 1984 FXSB): 5/16-21/64 in. (7.94-8.33 mm).

14. If the brake disc was removed, refer to Chapter Ten for correct procedures and tightening torques.

15. After the wheel is installed, the bearing end play should be checked as described in this chapter.

16. If the hub on spoke wheels is damaged, the hub can be replaced by removing the spokes and having a dealer assemble a new hub. If the hub on cast wheels is damaged, the wheel assembly must be replaced; it cannot be repaired.

DRIVEN SPROCKET ASSEMBLY Removal/Installation (1966-1972)

Refer to Figure 8 for this procedure.

1. Remove the rear wheel as described in this chapter.

2. Remove the rear brake drum as described in Chapter Ten.

3. Place the rear brake drum in a vise.

4. Working from the brake shell side, chisel the heads off of each sprocket-to-brake drum rivet head. Remove the rivets with a drift punch.

5. Separate the rear sprocket from the brake drum.

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