Drain most of the gasoline from the carburetor assembly and place it in a clean heavy-duty plastic bag to keep it clean until it is worked on or reinstalled.

CAUTION Cover the exposed manifold with shop rags or tape. This will prevent engine damage from small objects dropped undetected into the manifold.

7. While the carburetor is removed, examine the intake manifold on the cylinder head for any cracks or damage that would allow unfiltered air to enter the engine. Any damaged parts should be replaced.

8. Install by reversing these removal steps. Install a new manifold gasket. Adjust the throttle grip as described in Chapter Three.

Disassembly/Assembly (Model DC)

Model DC carburetors are used on 1966 models. Refer to Figure 1 for this procedure.

1. Remove the support bracket (25), if so equipped.

2. Remove the throttle body screws and lockwashers (1) and remove the throttle body (42) assembly.

3. Remove the throttle body gasket (2).

4. Remove the idle hole plug (3) from the throttle body.

5. Remove the low speed needle valve (4), washer (5) and spring (6).

6. Remove the throttle shaft screws (7) and lock-washers. Then slide the throttle disc (8) out of the shaft.

7. Loosen the throttle lever clamping screw (9). Then remove the throttle lever stop screw (14) and spring (15).

8. Slide the throttle shaft (13) out of the main body.

9. Remove the float bowl screws and tap the float bowl (17) to remove it.

10. Remove the float bowl gasket (18).

11. Unscrew the float nut (19) at the top of the float (20). Then slide the float off of the float lever (23).

12. Remove the float valve and seat assembly (21).

13. Remove the float lever screw (22), lockwasher and float washer. Then remove the float lever and bracket assembly (23).

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