At least check the brake light. It can burn out anytime. Motorists can't stop as quickly as you and need all the warning you can give.

Tire Pressure

Tire pressure must be checked with the tires cold. Correct tire pressure depends on the load you are carrying. See Table 4.

Lights and Horn

With the engine running, check the following:

1. Pull the front brake lever and check that the brake light comes on.

2. Push the rear brake pedal and check that the brake light comes on soon after you have begun depressing the pedal.

3. With the engine running, check to see that the headlight and taillight are on.

4. Move the dimmer switch up and down between the high and low positions, and check to see that both headlight elements are working.

5. Push the turn signal switch to the left position and the right position and check that all 4 turn signal lights are working.

6. Operate the horn and note that the horn blows loudly.

7. If during the test the brake light did not come on, check the taillight bulb and replace it as required. If the bulb is okay, but it did not light when either the front brake lever or rear brake pedal was operated, replace the defective brake light switch as described in Chapter Seven.

8. If the horn or any light failed to work properly, refer to Chapter Seven.

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