Always replace pads as a set.

1. Check the brake pad pins for damage or distortion. Replace if necessary.

8. Check the caliper for brake fluid leaks. If brake fluid has leaked from the caliper, rebuild it as described in this chapter.

9. Inspect the brake disc as described in this chapter.

10. Insert the brake pad pins through the brake pads and place the pads over the brake disc. Align the inner caliper housing with the brake pad pins and install the housing.

11. Install the mounting pin and damper spring (if used).

12. Position the outer caliper housing next to the brake disc and install the mounting bolts and washers. Lightly coat the bolt threads with Harley-David-son Pipe Sealant With Teflon. Tighten the bolts to 35 ft.-lb. (48.3 N.m).

13. Secure the brake hose with the clamp.

Pad Replacement (Type II)

The Type II disc brake (Figure 16) is found on the following models:

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