Periodic Lubrication Maintenance And Tuneup

Your bike can be cared for by two methods: preventive or corrective maintenance. Because a motorcycle is subjected to tremendous heat, stress and vibration (even in normal use), preventive maintenance prevents costly and unexpected corrective maintenance. A careful program of lubrication, preventive maintenance and regular tune-ups will result in longer engine and vehicle life, ensuring good performance, dependability and safety. It will also pay dividends in fewer and less expensive repair bills. Such a program is especially important if the bike is used in remote areas or on heavily traveled freeways where breakdowns are not only inconvenient but dangerous. Breakdowns are much less likely to occur if the bike has been well maintained.

Certain maintenance tasks and checks should be performed weekly. Others should be performed at certain time or mileage intervals. Still others should be done whenever certain symptoms appear. Some maintenance procedures are included under Tune-up at the end of this chapter. Detailed instructions will be found there. Other steps are described in the following chapters. Chapter references are included with these steps.

Scheduled maintenance requirements are provided in Table 1 (1966-1969), Table 2 (1970-early 1978) and Table 3 (late 1978-1984). Tables 1-11 are at the end of the chapter.

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