If recharging is required on the maintenance free battery, a digital voltmeter and a special type of charger with a built-in ammeter must be used. It is recommended that the battery be recharged by a Suzuki dealership to avoid damage to a good battery that only requires recharging. The following procedure is included if you choose to recharge this type of battery.

If a battery not in use loses its charge within a week after charging, the battery is defective. A good battery should only self-discharge approximately 1 percent each day.

WARNING During charging, highly explosive hydrogen gas is released from the battery. The battery should be charged only in a well-ventilated area, away from all open flames (including pilot lights on some gas home appliances). Do not allow any smoking in the area. Never check the charge of the battery by-arcing across the terminals; the resulting spark can ignite the hydrogen gas.

CAUTION Always remove the battery from the bike before connecting charging equipment. Always disconnect the battery cables

from the battery. During the charging procedure the charger may destroy the diodes within the voltage regulator/rectifier if the cables were left connected.

1. Remove the battery from the bike as described in this chapter.

2. Set the battery on a stack of newspapers or shop cloths to protcct the surface of the workbench.


If the instructions (B, Figure 9) or label on the battery is damaged or missing, refer to Table 3 for amperage and charge time specifications.

3. Conncct the positive (+) charger lead to the positive (+) battery terminal (C, Figure 9) and the negative (-) charger lead to the negative (-) battery terminal (D, Figure 9).

4. Set the charger at 12 volts. If the output of the charger is variable, set it to its lowest setting.

5. The charging time depends on the discharged condition of the battery. Use the suggested charging amperage and length of time charge on the battery label. A battery should be chargcd at a slow chargc rate of 1/1 Oth its given capacity.

6. Turn the charger ON.

7. After the battery has been charged for the pre-determined time, turn the charger off, disconnect the leads and measure the battery voltage. Refer to the following:

a. If the battery voltage is 13.0-13.2 volts (at 20° C [68° F]), the battery is fully chargcd.

b. If the battery voltage is below 12.3 volts (at 20° C [68° F]), the battery is undercharged and requires charging.

8. If the battery remains stable for one hour, the battery is charged.

9. Install the battery into the bike as described in this chapter.

New Battery Installation

When replacing the old battery with a new one, charge it completely before installing it in the bike. Failure to do will reduce the life of the battery. Using a new battery without an initial charge will cause permanent battery damage. That is, the battery will never be able to hold more than an 80% charge. Charging a new battery after it has been used will not bring its charge to 100%. When purchasing a new battery from a dealership or parts store, verify its charge status. If necessary, have them perform the initial or booster charge before picking up the battery.


Recycle your old battery. When you replace the old battery, be sure to turn in the old battery at that time. The lead plates and the plastic case can be recycled. Most motorcycle dealerships will accept your old battery in trade when you purchase a new one. Never place an old battery in your household trash since it is illegal, in most states, to place any acid or lead (heavy metal) contents in landfills. There is also the danger of the battery being crushed in the trash truck and spraying acid on the truck or landfill operator.

DIY Battery Repair

DIY Battery Repair

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