Front Suspension And Steering

This chapter describes repair and maintenance procedures for the front wheel, front forks and steering components.

Front suspension torque specifications are covered in Table 1. Tables 1-4 are located at the end of this chapter.



CAUTION Care must be taken when removing, handling and installing a wheel with a disc brake rotor. The rotor is relatively thin in order to dissipate heat and to minimize unsprung weight. The rotor is designed to withstand tremendous rotational loads, but can be damaged when subjected to side impact loads. If the rotor is knocked out of true by a side impact, a pulsation will be felt in the front brake lever when braking. The rotor is too thin to be trued and must be replaced with a new one. Protect the rotor when transporting a wheel to a dealership for tire service. Do not place a wheel in a car trunk or pickup bed without protecting the rotor.

1. Remove the front axle trim cap from cach fork leg.

2. Loosen the front axle pinch bolt (Figure 1).

3. Loosen the front axle (Figure 2) from the right-hand fork leg.

4. Place a suitable size jack, or wooden blocks, under the footpeg assembly to support the bike securely with the front wheel off the ground.

5. Remove the speedometer cable from the speedometer gear box.

6. Completely unscrew the axle from the right-hand fork leg and remove the axle.

7. Pull the wheel down and forward and remove the wheel from the front fork and the brake caliper.


Insert a piece of vinyl tubing or wood in the caliper in place of the brake disc. Then, if the brake lever is inadvertently squeezed, the piston will not be forced out of the cylinder. If this does happen, the caliper must be disassembled to reseat the piston and the system will have to be bled.

8. Remove the spacer (Figure 3) from the brake disc side of the hub.

9. Remove the speedometer gear box from the left-hand side of the hub.

10. Reinstall the spacer and speedometer gear box onto the axle to keep from misplacing them.

CAUTION Do not set the wheel down on the disc surface as it may get scratched or warped. Set the sidewalls on 2 wooden blocks.

11. Inspect the wheel as described in this chapter. Inspection

1. Remove any corrosion from the front axle with a piece of fine emery cloth. Clean axle with solvent, then wipe the axle clean with a lint-free cloth.

2. Check axle runout. Place the axle on V-blocks and place the tip of a dial indicator in the middle of the axle (Figure 4). Rotate the axle and measure runout. If the runout exceeds 0.25 mm (0.010 in.), replace the axle; do not attempt to straighten it.

3. Check rim runout as follows:

a. Measure the radial (up and down) runout of the wheel rim with a dial indicator as shown at A, Figure 5. If runout exceeds 2.0 mm (0.08 in.), check the wheel bearings.

b. Measure the axial (side to side) runout of the wheel rim with a dial indicator as shown at B, Figure 5. If runout exceeds 2.0 mm (0.08 in.), check the wheel bearings.

c. If the wheel bearings are good, wire wheels can be trued as described under Wire Wheel Spoke Adjustment in this chapter.

Suzuki Marauder Spoke Wheel Swap

d. Replace the front wheel bearings as described under Front Hub in this chapter.

4. Inspect the rim for dents, bending or cracks. Check the rim and rim sealing surface for scratches deeper than 0.5 mm (0.01 in.). If any of these conditions are present, replace the rim.

Drive Wire Steering MotorcycleSuzuki 1400 Speedometer DriveSuzuki Vs1400 Seats

3. Align the tangs of the speedometer drive gear (A, Figure 6) with the notches (B, Figure 6) in the front hub and install the speedometer gear box. Make sure the gear box seats completely. If the speedometer components do not mesh properly, the wheel hub components will be too wide for installation.

4. Position the wheel, inserting the brake disc into the caliper carefully to prevent damage to the brake pads.

5. Apply a light coat of grease to the front axle. Insert the front axle through the fork leg, speedometer gear box and the wheel hub.

6. Make sure the spacer (Figure 7) is still in placc on the brake disc side of the wheel.

7. Screw the axle into the right-hand fork leg, but do not tighten it.

8. Slowly rotate the wheel and install the speedometer cable into the speedometer housing. Position the speedometer housing and cable so that the cable does not have a sharp bend in it.

9. Tighten the front axle (A, Figure 8) to the torque specification listed in Table 1.

10. Remove the jack or wooden block(s) from under the foot peg assembly.

11. With the front brake applied, push down hard on the handlebars and pump the forks several times to seat the front axle.

12. Tighten the front axle pinch bolt (B, Figure 8) to the torque specification listed in Table 1.

13. Roll the bike back and forth several times. Apply the front brake as many times as necessary to seat the brake pads against the brake disc correctly.

14. Install the front axle trim cap into each fork leg.


1. Make sure the axle bearing surfaces of the fork sliders and axle are free from burrs and nicks.

2. Install the spacer (Figure 3) into the brake disc side of the hub.

Suzuki Katana Front Wheel Assembly

Speedometer Gear Box Inspection and Lubrication


The speedometer gear box is a sealed assembly and no replacement parts are available. If any part of the gear box is defective the entire assembly must be replaced.

1. Remove the front wheel as described in this chapter.

2. Inspect the seal (A, Figure 9) for leakage.

3. Inspect the tangs (B, Figure 9) of the speedometer drive gear for wear or damage.

4. Inspect the notchcs (Figure 10) in the front hub for wear or damage. Repair the hub or replace the wheel.

5. Install the front wheel as described in this chapter.



Inspect each wheel bearing prior to removing it from the wheel hub.

CAUTION Do not remove the wheel bearings for inspection purposes as they will be damaged during the removal process. Remove wheel bearings only if they are to be replaced.

1. Perform Steps 1 -4 of Disassembly in the following procedure.

2. Turn each bearing by hand. Make sure bearings turn smoothly.

3. Inspect the tangs (B, Figure 9) of the speedometer drive gear for wear or damage.

5. Install the front wheel as described in this chapter.

Suzuki Gsx1100e Rotor Removal Tool

3. Inspect the play of the inner race of each wheel bearing. Check for excessive axial play and radial play (Figure 11). Replace the bearing if it has an excess amount of free play.

4. On unsealed bearings, check the balls for evidence of wear, pitting or excessive heat (bluish tint). Replace the bearings if necessary; always replace as a complete set. When replacing the bearings, be sure to take your old bearings along to ensure a perfect matchup.


Fully sealed bearings are available from bearing specialty shops. Fully sealed bearings provide better protection from dirt and moisture that may get into the hub.

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